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The Ombre

LOVE/HATE… so many of us feel one way or the other about this hair color trend. I am here to tell you just how wonderful it really is! I believe The Ombre has had bad reviews in moments when it has been executed poorly or done at home. Also, most people are thinking, “Who the *&#* wants roots!”


  • someone who is trying to grow out their hair color to expose their much lighter natural hair
  • someone with over saturated ends…this means someone who has most likely used box color or pulled permanent color thru their ends one too many times
  • wavy hair
  • straight hair
  • someone wanting natural looking dimension

THINK ABOUT IT—> When you were a child your hair was never one color. Your ends were always just a tad lighter than your roots. Why?

  • Sunlight
  • the ends of your hair have seen more life.more sunlight. more chlorine.

A child’s hair is truly perfection in my eyes. They have deep rich color in the winter months and due to their dainty little ponytails or braids in the summer, they have beautiful natural highlights.


For the bold, daring, and the ones who don’t give a f@*#K!


Make a statement and still show up for work at the office.



Connect to your base with a few traditional foils to add sparkle.


Barley there. A sexy little secret.

Go as crazy or as subtle as you want. Dark.Light.Cool.Warm. Make it your own. The Ombre is a beautiful technique!